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Case Study: Hidden Asset Investigation

Hidden Asset Investigation Services


Based on suspicions and research, the Client felt she needed to hire a Private Investigator for Hidden Asset Investigation Services. The Client is a woman going through a divorce with her husband. The Client and her husband began to grow apart. Over the last few years, she noticed he began becoming secretive with money, changing passwords on accounts so she wouldn’t have access and things of that nature. She began asking questions about their finances. When doing so, her husband would get defensive. She also discovered he had received a promotion with a sizeable raise, and didn’t inform her. The Client and her husband had been together for approximately 15 years and decided to proceed with a divorce. During the divorce proceedings, the husband and his counsel disclosed his assets. Having been with this man for 15 years, she believed he was not being truthful about the financial assets he was claiming. Unfortunately, he had been the one managing the finances for all those years so she had no idea where to start. After speaking with her attorney, he recommended calling a Private Investigator to conduct an Asset Investigation.

Initial Investigation:

We began by running databases searches to locate all his personal details, and all the information needed to conduct a full Asset Investigation. We have access to the best databases available. These databases uncover information that is only accessible for licensed professionals and law enforcement agencies.

At this point, the Client was unaware of any businesses, properties, vehicles or any bank accounts in the Subject’s name, other than what he disclosed.
After conducting these searches, we reported our findings and our proposed action plan.

Asset Investigation:

During this investigation, we searched for businesses, property, vehicles, and leads for any bank accounts that were not disclosed.
Starting with the basics, we ran the Subject’s name through two databases, only accessible by licensed Private Investigators and Law Enforcement agencies. Based on the Subject’s address history, the location of his trusted family members and other leads obtained, we began searching each state he had ties with.


Our Asset Investigation uncovered an LLC in a state the Subject did not live in. This LLC was established during their marriage, approximately 5 years after they got married. From the time it was formed to current, it maintained an active status in good standing with the state. With the assistant of our Client’s attorney, we located a bank account he had opened with a substantial balance.

No properties were located during this Asset Investigation, other than the home the Client was aware of.

We searched for vehicles in the Subject’s name. We did not locate any vehicles the Client was not aware of. We did, however, discover there was a loan on the Subject’s car. The Client was led to believe the vehicle was paid for in cash. We found the Subject was paying this loan with an account the Client was not aware of. The Subject had 2 accounts at this bank with funds in the 6 figures.
This Asset Investigation gave the Client the results she was looking for.

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