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Private Investigator in Belize

Belize Private Investigator

Discreet Services provides professional Private Investigations in Belize. Our Private Investigators in Belize can provide surveillance, skip traces, background investigations, in-depth asset and bank locates and more.  If you are looking for a surveillance investigation in Belize, a background check for someone living in Belize or any other type of Private Investigation service, Discreet Services can help. We provide professional reports, maintain the highest level of confidentiality and free consultations.

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Most Common Services:

Surveillance on individuals visiting Belize

Skip Trace

Extensive asset and bank account locates

Service of Process

Background Investigations

Belize is one of the top places to hide money. It is extremely easy to form a company or trust. Additionally, Belize incorporated companies are exempt from paying taxes on money earned abroad. There are a long list of other tax benefits making it a popular place to move money offshore. We can assist you with locating offshore accounts for divorces, judgments and more.

Additional information on offshore accounts in Belize.

Belize Private Investigator Services

Our Private Investigators in Belize have extensive experience conducting Private Investigation services in Belize. Feel confident discussing your case with one of our qualified Private Investigators during your free consultation. We will help you put together a plan of action and review with you everything you can expect moving forward. We have competitive Private Investigator Fees and accept many different types of payments.

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If you are looking for a Private Investigator who is located in Belize, don't hesitate to contact Discreet Services to review your private investigation case. Our team of investigators are deployed all over the world.

We understand what it takes to get the information you seek and we have the knowledge and resources to get the job done. Feel free to contact us now at (1) 480-304-9210 or by filling out a Free Consultation on our website.

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Start a Free Consultation today and have a licensed Private Investigator review your case and come up with an action plan on how we may obtain the information you are looking for. All consultations carry the same level of confidentiality we apply to all our of clients cases.