About Us

Discreet Services, LLC is a full-service, licensed Private Investigation firm, offering a wide range of investigation services throughout the world. We have an experienced team of professional Private Investigators from many different backgrounds.

Our Clients

Discreet Services, LLC accepts cases from Private Clients, Corporate Clients, Law Firms, other Private Investigation Companies and Insurance Companies. We treat all our Client’s investigations with diligence, professionalism, fast and accurate reporting and provide top level confidentiality for every case.

Our Services

Discreet Services has the skills, resources, and experience to cover a wide range of Private Investigative services throughout the United States and Internationally. We are members of the most prestigious worldwide detective organization, allowing us to work with some of the top Private Investigators in the world.


Discreet Services provides the following investigative services. However, if you are looking for a type of investigation not seen here, go to our services page for a list of additional services or fill out a free consultation request and one of our licensed Private Investigators will contact you.

Start an Investigation Today

Start a Free Consultation today and have a licensed Private Investigator review your case and come up with an action plan on how we may obtain the information you are looking for. All consultations carry the same level of confidentiality we apply to all our of clients cases.

Covered Regions

Discreet Services is ready to start an investigation in any one of the following regions. Select a Region below to view Countries we currently have investigators in, ready to start at a moments notice. In addition to the countries listed, we have been conducting investigations in additional states and countries that you may not see listed. Please don’t hesitate to fill out a Free Consultation for more information on how we can help you.

International Reach

Discreet Services has a global reach with a team of investigators standing by all over the world. Feel confident that private investigation services performed by Discreet Services will be conducted in a professional, confidential manner, and will follow all licensing requirements for the region. We have contacts all over the world and are members of the most prestigious world wide detective association. Hire an expert with international experience who understands the dynamics of conducting investigations in multiple countries.