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Discreet Services is a Private Investigation firm with a team of experienced, professional Private Investigators in the capital city of Rome. We have a variety of experience, the skills and resources to conduct confidential Private Investigations in Rome.

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Private Investigator in Rome

Our team of Private Investigators in Rome consists of individuals with experience in Private Investigations, Law Enforcement operations and more. Whether it be infidelity surveillance in Rome, due diligence investigations in Rome, asset investigations in Rome, or complicated locate investigations, we have the experience, resources and the best access available to obtain the information you need.

By offering a variety of services, Discreet Services has the ability to take on most all Private Investigation cases you may have. Our team of Private Investigators in Rome Italy has the experience, training, and equipment to accomplish your goals discreetly and in a timely fashion. Our FREE CONSULTATION is designed to provide you with the opportunity to tell us your story so we can develop an action plan to accomplish your goals.

Our team of Private Investigators in Rome currently cover investigations in Rome and the surrounding areas. However, if you need services outside this area, fill out a FREE CONSULTATION and let us know how we can assist you.

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Rome Private Investigator Services

Discreet Services offers a variety of Private Investigation services in Rome, tailored for our clients' needs. Please review the following case types below for more information on each of these case types offered. It should be noted that some of the following services offered by Discreet Services may have certain restrictions in Rome due to local and federal laws regarding private investigation services.

Due Diligence

Our Experienced Private investigators who perform Due Diligence services in Rome can obtain information related to:

  • Chamber of Commerce registration verification
  • Commercial Credit Reporting
  • Corporate Background Screening
  • Discreet site visit
  • Media searches
  • Obtain corporate registration documents
  • Obtain financial information
  • Asset Investigation, Business
  • Asset Investigation, Personal (corporate officers)
  • Banking Affiliations
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Business Affiliations
  • Business complaints
  • Business Investments
  • Company officers and employees
  • Liens and Judgments
  • Real-estate holdings
  • Reference checks
  • Social Media information
  • UCC Filings

Hire a Private Investigator in Rome

If you are looking for a Private Investigator who is located in Rome, don't hesitate to contact Discreet Services to review your private investigation case. Our team of investigators are deployed all over the world.

We understand what it takes to get the information you seek and we have the knowledge and resources to get the job done. Feel free to contact us now at (1) 480-304-9210 or by filling out a FREE CONSULTATION on our website.

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Please provide basic contact information. If you would like to provide additional information, use our detailed consultation form. If you prefer to email or have issues with the contact form, please call or email us at [email protected]


Discreet Services, Inc. is a full-service Private Investigation firm. Every investigation we conduct is performed by a Licensed Private Investigator and will abide by local laws and customs.

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