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Infidelity Investigation Dubai


The Client’s husband has employment which requires him to travel to multiple countries, to include Dubai. When he began traveling to Dubai on business trips, he started off by going every other month or so. After about 18 months of this, his trips began to become more frequent as well as longer in duration. The client became suspicious and helpless. She tried looking at his emails and cell phone and was not able to figure anything out. Her husband had changed his password on his phone and computer, she had seen large cash withdrawals and his overall attitude towards her was cold. She decided to call in for a free consultation.

Initial Investigation

We began by evaluating and confirming the Subject’s travel itinerary. Using discreet methods, we confirmed the Subject was in fact registered at the hotel he claimed to be staying at.

In addition to our typical questions, we requested the client to provide a photo of the Subject on the day he was flying, as well of photos of his luggage to assist with a positive ID.

Dubai Infidelity Investigation

Day 1:

We commenced surveillance at Dubai International Airport (DXB) with one field agent. Our agent staged to visually spot the Subject arrive and to see who might pick him up. Our agent watched for the Subject at baggage claim and positively identified him securing his luggage. The extra details provided by the client were a big help in obtaining a positive ID.

Our agent followed the Subject outside. After a moment, our agent observed the Subject get into a cab and drive off. Our agent could overhear the driver and Subject discussing the ride to Sofitel, a hotel approximately 20 minutes from the airport. This was not the hotel the Subject was registered at. Our agent immediately called the agent staged at the hotel we were expecting him to arrive to. Agent 2 was closer than the Subject, so the second agent made it in time to observe the Subject arrive at the hotel. The Subject went directly to the hotel elevator. This led us to believe someone was already there to let him in. Our agent allowed him to go in the elevator alone and staged in the lobby. Now, our agent called the hotel and asked to be connected to the Subject’s room. The man who answered stated there was no reservation under the Subject’s name. Our agent waited until 1:00 AM and then discontinued surveillance.

We sent an update to the client. She requested continued surveillance for the duration of the trip.

Day 2:

2 agents started surveillance at the hotel at 6:00 AM. Around 9:00 AM the Subject came downstairs with another woman to eat breakfast. The two sat and ate breakfast. They were engaged in conversation. When finished, they began to walk to the elevator to go back to their room. Neither of them were dressed and ready to go anywhere. The female appeared to be a local resident to Dubai, not someone who traveled in with him.

Our agents stayed in the lobby for a few hours with no activity from either Subject. The Subject and the unknown woman emerged from the elevator. The began to depart the hotel. While waiting for a cab, our agents prepared to follow.

The Subject and the unknown woman left in the cab and traveled to various shopping areas. During this period, they ate lunch at a restaurant, they held hands, they were observed kissing and the Subject purchased things for her at multiple stores. Upon finishing the shopping, they went back to the hotel. Our agents did not see them come back down for the rest of the evening.

At the end of this day, we informed the client of the current situation. We recommended we start again in the morning with a goal to follow them back to the actual room.

Day 3:

One agent started at 6:00 AM. The Subject and the woman came down for breakfast. When finished, the began to head back to the hotel elevator. Our agent could follow them and obtain the room number.

The main purpose for the room number was to identify the person who booked it. At this point, we recommended we discontinue surveillance. We had confirmed her suspicions of infidelity.


Unfortunately for the client, we confirmed his suspicion that the wife was in a relationship with another man.

Additional Services provided on this case

  1. Identify the woman the Subject was with by the hotel room number. Locate a Facebook page for the Subject.
  2. We obtained a copy of the hotel bill to see what they spent on room service.
  3. Full asset investigation on the Subject. The Subject had claimed their financial situation was less than what it appeared after seeing him spend money on trips and shopping for another woman.

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