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UAE Private Investigator

Whether you are looking for a surveillance investigation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah or anywhere else in the UAE, a background check for someone living in the UAE or any other type of Private Investigation service, Discreet Services can help you. We have a team of discreet and confidential Private Investigators in the UAE.  We have Private Investigators in the UAE that can obtain the answers you need for these case types and more. Here are a few of our more common case types in the UAE.

  • Cheating Spouse Surveillance
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Commercial Credit Reporting
  • Asset Investigations
  • Litigation Searches

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With over 10 years’ of experience conducting Private Detective services in the UAE, Discreet Services has the experience and resources to get the information you seek. Feel confident discussing your case with one of our qualified Private Detectives during your free consultaion. We will help you put together a plan of action and review with you everything you can expect moving forward.

No matter where you are in the world, we have Private Detectives in the UAE standing by, ready to get the job done. Review an Infidelity Investigation Case Review here.

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UAE Private Investigator Services

Discreet Services offers a variety of Private Detectives services in UAE tailored to our Clients’ needs. Please review the following case types below for more information on each of these case types offered. It should be noted that some of the following services offered by Discreet Services may have certain restrictions in UAE due to local and federal laws regarding Private Investigation services..

Surveillance Investigation in the UAE

Our Private Detectives in the UAE can provide surveillance services on your spouse or business partner on short notice. If you think your husband or wife might cheat while on business, or feel your business partner might be working with the competition, contact us now. We will develop a proper surveillance plan to get you the answers you need. Here are some common things we find during a surveillance.

  • Evidence of Infidelity
  • Evidence of Fraud or theft
  • Employees lying about being sick
  • Confirm a business is or isn’t operating as they claim they are
  • Subject’s routines
  • Proof the Subject did not travel alone on business as he or she claimed

Asset Investigation in the UAE

Our Private Detectives who perform Asset Investigations in the UAE can obtain information related to:

  • Validation of name, aliases, family member verification
  • Hidden Bank Accounts, Personal Bank Account Information, and Investment Accounts
  • Foreign Investments
  • Search for business associations, corporate positions, partnerships
  • Legal proceedings, such as bankruptcies, defaults, evictions, foreclosures, judgments, and so forth
  • Property Investments

Business Due Diligence in the UAE

Are you looking to do business with a company in the UAE? It is important to run a thorough check on the business and its financials. Here are some things we often check during our Due Diligence Investigations in the UAE.

  • Business assets
  • Corporate registrations
  • Corporate filings
  • Banking details
  • Discreet site visits
  • Media searches
  • Research on business owners
  • Mystery shopper

Background Investigations in the UAE

Our Private Detectives who perform Background Checks in UAE can obtain information related to:

  • Media information
  • Financials
  • Bank Account Search, Hidden Bank Account Search, Investment Account Search
  • Activity monitoring
  • Validate Information provided by Subject

Online Dating Investigations in the UAE

Our Private Investigators who perform Online Dating Scam Investigations in UAE can obtain information related to:

  • Verify the persons identity
  • Verify Work/Job History
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Image Data Research
  • Criminal Record
  • Current Address verification
  • Bank account verification

Locate Investigation in the UAE

Our Private Detectives who perform Locate Investigations in UAE can obtain information related to:

  • Employment searches
  • Media searches
  • Social Media Tracking

Private Investigator Fees in the UAE

Discreet Services has the best Private Investigation rates in the UAE. Our Private Investigation fees in the UAE can vary based on the type of investigation and the needs of the Client. We can charge an hourly rate for Private Investigations or work out a competitive flat rate. The fees can also vary based on the location of the work. Either way, if you are in need of investigative services in the UAE, we have a professional team of experienced investigators and competitive rates. Fill out a free consultation for more information.

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