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Discreet Services Provides the very best Private Investigator services in Colombia. If you are looking to learn more about a person you are in a long-distance relationship with, someone you might be doing business with or many other reasons, you came to the right place.

Colombia Private Investigator Background Check Services

Our most common reason for performing background checks in Colombia is online dating scenarios. We can perform easy tasks like verifying someones identity or more complicated tasks like looking into financials and medical history.

While many businesses use background checks to obtain basic criminal history for employment, a thorough Colombia background check goes beyond criminal records, providing a wealth of valuable information about individuals.

Examples of Information Acquired during Background Checks in Colombia

Current and Previous Addresses

Marital and Pre-marital Checks

Employment History - Including Current Job Status

Medical History - Especially Useful for Online Relationships to Verify if Someone Has Children

Vehicle Registration Details

Driver’s License Information with fines and violations

Cell Phone Records, Call logs and Registration

Migration Entry and Exit Information that shows when the person exited and entered Colombia

Business Affiliations and Investments

Bank Account Search

Property Ownership Searches

Who might need a Private Investigator in Colombia?

Anyone might have the need for a Private Investigator in Colombia. Private Investigators conduct background checks for various reasons. In Colombia, most background checks involve online dating situations where the Client is in a long distance relation ship with a person in Colombia. We are the very best at this. We do hundreds of checks every year and know exactly what to look for. Here are some increasingly popular reasons for Background Investigations.

Individuals engaging in online dating are turning to Private Investigators for background checks to confirm the people they are speaking to are who they say they are. A large amount of the people using the online dating sites become a victim of an online dating scam. These scammers can steal your money or your heart. Many of our Client’s have become emotionally and financially involved with someone that was no who they said they were. Review an online dating scam case review HERE.

During these investigations, we confirm the information the Subject has provided the Client. If we determine the person is who he or she says they are, we begin the investigation to confirm the information the Client wishes. Most of our Clients are looking to confirm marriage history, job history, criminal record searches and much more.

Another reason a person might hire a Private Investigator to conduct a background check would be to make sure the person dating their kids are not married, aren’t criminals with a history of domestic violence or anything they might want to know. Background check on a potential nanny, caregiver or someone who might be performing services in your home. We perform many background checks on Colombian Au Pairs traveling to the US to work for American families.

Whether you need a Private Investigator for a personal or business matters, Discreet Services can help you with your background investigation needs.

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Colombia Background Check Objectives

  • Checkbox Colombia Assets
  • Checkbox Asset Investigation, Business
  • Checkbox Bank account transactions
  • Checkbox Banking Affiliations
  • Checkbox Bankruptcy information
  • Checkbox Chamber of Commerce registration verification
  • Checkbox Confirm the persons identity
  • Checkbox Criminal and Civil litigation checks
  • Checkbox Criminal Record search
  • Checkbox Current address

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