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Discreet Services is a full-service Private Investigation firm with experienced Private Investigators Israel. Our Private Investigators in Israel perform investigations relating to personal and business matters. We have extremely completive rates and access to an extensive amount of information. Whether you are looking for information on a person or a business, we can help you get the answers you need quickly at an affordable cost. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality for our Client’s.

We can provide Private Investigator service in Tel Aviv and other locations as well. Our main coverage areas in Israel are Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod, and Beersheba. If you need a Private Investigator outside these areas, contact us now for a free consultation. If we can’t assist you, we will provide a reliable referral to a vetted investigator where you need assistance.

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Israel Private Investigator Services

Discreet Services offers Private Investigation services in Israel tailored to our Clients’ needs. Please review the following case types below for more information on each of these case types offered. It should be noted that some of the following services offered by Discreet Services may have certain restrictions in Israel due to local and federal laws regarding Private Investigation services. If you need assistance with Surveillance or other services not listed below, go to our services page or fill out a free consultation and let us know how we can help.

Business Due Diligence

Our local private investigators in Israel can provide details information on local business and their directors. We pull original corporate documents which typically means they are in Hebrew. We can also translate these documents if needed. We conduct business due diligence checks on companies in Israel for our Clients who are looking to do business with a company in Israel as well as Clients who have a current judgement or litigation with a company in Israel. Below is a list of common things we obtain.

  • Business Interests Search. We search for private, public and sole proprietorship information.
  • Company Registration Checks. We obtain director, shareholder, and basic company details.
  • Israeli Company File. We obtain the entire company file for the business. This typically comes in Hebrew but can be translated.
  • Detailed Company registration Information. This file includes registration details as well as the assets a company has purchased with loans or financing. It typically has information on agreements with the banks as well.
  • Civil Litigations Checks. We locate civil litigation information on the business as well as directors if needed.
  • Criminal Litigation Checks. We locate criminal litigation information for businesses as well as directors if needed.
  • Bankruptcy and Bank Account Checks. We can locate the bank accounts and balances for businesses and individuals. We can determine debt information on bank accounts as well.
  • Media Research.  We conduct searches for media information pertaining to the business and directors.

Asset Investigations in Israel

Our Private Investigators provide extensive asset investigations in Israel. We can perform these investigations on individuals as well as businesses. We used various resources to obtain the information we provide. This can be open source information, paid subscriptions to government databases, and confidential internal sources. In some cases we do require the Client to provide and Israeli National ID number. Below is a list of the most common searches we do for asset investigations in Israel for both business and individual searches.

  • Bank account locates.
  • Lien Filings, similar to a UCC filing.
  • Basic company registration on Israeli Companies. This includes things like directors, shareholders, and basic company details.
  • Full company file. This search includes all company correspondence and filings from the Israel Companies Authority. This information can be useful for tracking the history of a company’s management and ownership.
  • Bankruptcy and bank account checks. This search will pull bankruptcy records for the past 7 years for both businesses and individuals. We also locate restricted bank accounts and limited means debtor information.
  • Credit checks. We locate consumer credit reports in Israel.

Background Checks in Israel

We can provide extensive background investigations in Israel. We can obtain a wide range of information from commercial databases and government entities such as the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of defense and more. Below is a list of our most common requests.

  • Criminal Litigation Checks. We locate criminal litigation records for the Subject.
  • Civil litigation checks. We use two commercial paid subscriptions to data bases not available to the public as well as obtain government court information.
  • Name and ID verification. We verify the name and ID number match the Ministry of Interiors records. This search takes approximately two weeks due to the records being returned to us by post only.
  • Professional Qualifications and Licenses Verification. We verify the Subject’s license for industries like medical, engineering, real estate and finance.
  • Education Verification/Degree Verification
  • Media Research. We search for media information locally in Hebrew and English using the web and commercial data bases.
  • Terrorist watchlist search. We run a search through the Ministry of Defense to determine if an individual or business is registered on the watch list.
  • Validate Information provided by Subject

Locate Investigations in Israel

Do you need to locate a person in Israel? We help our Clients locate heirs for estates, relatives they have not spoken to in a while and for many other reasons. If you need assistance with locating someone in Israel, fill out a free consultation and one of our Private Investigators will contact you.

Here are some basic details that assist us with locate investigations in Israel.

  • Full name of the Subject
  • Israeli National ID Number
  • Date of birth
  • Previous addresses
  • Past employment in Israel
  • Information for relatives
  • Information for friends and family of the Subject

Major cities covered: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba, Ashdod and more.

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