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Discreet Services provides professional Private Investigations in San Antonio. We have an experienced team of Private Investigators in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Our team has extensive experience in Private Investigations, Surveillance Investigations, Law Enforcement, Military and more. Whether it be, cheating spouse surveillance in San Antonio, asset investigations, criminal investigations or skip traces, we have the resources to obtain the information you need.

We subscribe to the best data bases available to Private Investigators and Law Enforcement, and stay up to date with the latest technology and investigative methods to ensure we can provide our Client’s with high level service and accountable reporting. Regardless of the services you’re requesting, we are here to help.

One of the most common services Private Investigators in San Antonio provide is Surveillance. We provide Surveillance services for various reasons such as suspicions of infidelity, worker’s compensation, employee theft and more. Do you need someone followed? Do you need a professional report with HD video documentation? We provide professional surveillance investigations, well written reports and our investigators use only the best video cameras so we can provide you with high quality video documentation of your Subject.

We provide our Client’s with free consultations. If you or someone you know is in need a Private Investigator in San Antonio or anywhere else in Texas, contact us now!

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San Antonio Private Investigator Services

Discreet Services offers a variety of Private Investigation services in San Antonio tailored to our Clients’ needs. Please review the following case types below for information on some of the case types offered. We do provide additional Private Investigation Services in San Antonio. If you need assistance with something not listed below, fill out a free consultation and let us know how we can help.

Asset Investigation

Our experienced Private Investigators in San Antonio who perform Asset Investigations in San Antonio can obtain information related to:

  • Vehicle and Motorcycle Searches
  • Business registration searches
  • Business bank account searches
  • Bankruptcies, evictions, foreclosures and judgements
  • Property and land ownership searches
  • Personal bank accounts, Investment Account searches
  • Overseas bank account locates
  • Home sale history

Background Check in San Antonio

Our experienced Private Investigators who perform Background Check in San Antonio can obtain information related to:

  • Confirm Identity of the Subject
  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Social Media Research
  • Civil Record Searches
  • Family Court Research
  • Divorce Record Searches
  • County Court Searches
  • Driving Records Searches
  • Sex Offender Registry Searches
  • Education Verification/Degree Verification
  • Reference Checks
  • Security Interviews
  • Family Court Searches
  • Surveillance in San Antonio
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Cyber Bully Investigations
  • Verify Information provided by Subject

Locate Investigations

Our experienced Private Investigators who perform Locate Investigations in San Antonio can obtain information related to:

  • Advanced Data Base searches
  • Locate address(es) for Subject
  • Current contact information
  • Cell phone GPS locate
  • Current employment
  • Social media tracking
  • Death search
  • Marriage history

Online Dating Scams

Our experienced Private Investigators who perform Online Dating Scam Investigations in San Antonio can obtain information related to:

  • Verify the person’s identity
  • Location of the Subject
  • Social Media Locate and Tracking
  • Verify employment
  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Current Address verification

Cell Phone Forensics

Currently, cell phones must be mailed to the lab. Depending on your phone, our technicians will use Cellebrite and Oxygen Forensics software. We can often obtain information related to:

  • Deleted Data Recovery
  • Deleted Text Message Recovery
  • Deleted Email Recovery
  • Deleted Photograph Recovery
  • Expert Witness
  • Hidden Files
  • Breaches of Confidentiality
  • Evidence of infidelity

We can also assist with infidelity surveillance in San Antonio, workers compensation surveillance in San Antonio, employee theft surveillance in San Antonio and many other services. Fill out a free consultation to learn more.

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