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Private Investigator in Interview

Interview Investigation

Interview Investigations are services that private investigators with Discreet Services can provide to obtain detailed information about a person or a business.

Investigators with Discreet Services know what questions to ask in an investigation interview. Investigators typically follow a line of questions based on the investigation. That is the easy part. We listen to our Client’s needs and develop a list of questions based on the scenario or we are provided the list. We also ask key questions based on the answers provided by the Subject.

Some examples of information that can be acquired during Interviews:

  • Names of witnesses
  • Current job status and past employment history
  • Education history
  • Employment history
  • Reference Checks
  • Signs of deception

Who might need a Private Investigator to conduct interviews?

Attorneys often need private investigators to conduct witness interviews. We often have to locate these witnesses with limited information. For example, a name off of a police report. These interviews could be for simple vehicle accident cases, homicide investigations, assault cases, theft cases, workplace violence, workplace harassment and sexual harassment. This list can go one.

Business owners, HR managers and other individuals often need a third party to come in and interview staff. Outside investigators can be hired for various reasons. For example, the Subject in questions has been in the company a long time and has a personal relationship with the staff that would typically handle the situation in question.

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