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Private Investigator in Pre-marital Background Check

Pre-marital Background Check Investigation

Pre-marital Background Checks or Background Investigations are services that private investigators with Discreet Services can provide to obtain detailed information about a person. These investigations are often conducted on behalf of a family who is involved in an arranged marriage. Discreet Services is a company with experience worldwide. We have conducted countless pre-marital investigations for families outside the United States.

We also conduct pre-marital background investigations for parents who might think their son or daughter is marrying someone who is not telling the truth about their past, education, criminal history or other things. We can look into criminal records, judgment and debt history, financial responsibilities and more.

A Pre-marital Background Check starts at $195.00 depending on the information you require and type of report you wish to receive. With that said, there is no reason not to let a professional, experienced Private Investigator run a background investigation for you. We have access to the best data bases and have years of experience researching criminal and civil records that do not show up in the online searches the general public has access too. We also have stream lined access to bankruptcy information, eviction records, foreclosures and much more.

Examples of information that can be acquired during pre-marital background checks:

The most common things our Client’s overseas involved in an arranged marriage situations request are the following: Past relationships, drinking habits, social habits, education verification, employment verification, employment salary, financial background information and eating habits.

The most common things our US-based Client’s are looking for is previous marriages, criminal history, financial information, education verifications and surveillance of their activities to determine if they are being faithful.

Other information that can be obtained:

*This information can vary depending on the Subject’s location.

  • Current and previous addresses
  • Current job status and past employment history
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Driver’s License history
  • Social Media information
  • Business Affiliations
  • Business Investments
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Liens and Judgments
  • UCC Filings
  • Asset Investigation, Personal
  • Asset Investigation, Business
  • Banking Affiliations
  • Real Estate Holdings
  • Educational Background
  • Reference checks
  • Marital status

In addition to these items, we can conduct field surveillance to document the Subject’s activities and habits. We can determine if the Subject drink’s alcohol, flirts with the opposite sex, speeds, or confirm the Subject acts responsibly.

Why do you need a Private Investigator for a Pre-marital Background check?

Private Investigators conduct pre-marital background checks for various reasons. We have access to much more accurate and verified information than sites you can pay online to see. Our information is cross referenced with Social Security Numbers, driver’s license number and other information to ensure we provide our Client’s with accurate and verified information. This is information the online sites like Truth Finder and others simply don’t have access too.

Whether you need a Private Investigator for a personal or business matters, Discreet Services can help you with your background investigation needs.

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