Child Custody

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Private Investigator in Child Custody

Child Custody Investigation

Child Custody Investigations are common in separation cases where the parents disagree on the parenting schedule. Discreet Services offers professional Child Custody Investigations at affordable costs to our Clients. We understand that a Child Custody Investigation will usually come at a time where our Client’s are experiencing court fees, dividing of assets, attorney fees and more. With that said, we listen to our Client’s needs, and develop an action plan that will get the results they need in the most cost effective manner possible.

During a Custody Investigation Discreet Services can provide a multitude of services. Surveillance is used to document the activities at the other parents residence. We look for drug and alcohol activity, document who comes and goes, follow the other parent to ensure they are using seatbelts for their child while traveling and to ensure they keep they child safe while in public. Ever case is different, so depending on the child’s age, demographic and many other factors, we customize the Surveillance for the client’s needs.

We conduct in depth background investigations on anyone the child comes into contact while not in your care. For example, if the other parent has a new boyfriend or girlfriend, we look for things like drug charges, assault, sex offender registry and more. This other person may also have charged where he or she was charged with child endangerment.

Our Private Investigators can inspect the trash at the residence to look for drug paraphernalia, extreme alcohol use and other things. This is typically called a dumpster dive. We send one of our licensed Private Investigators to obtain the trash on trash day. We must do this when the trash can is not on the Subject’s property. We video the trash being removed from the dumpster and conduct a complete inventory. All of the evidence is documented with a proper chain of custody and obtain legally.

We also provide Drone services for Child Custody Investigations. We can deploy a Drone with 4k video capabilities to document the backyard of a residence or a residence in a gated neighborhood with limited access. We typically look for things like pools with no fence, unsafe playing environments, swimming without supervision, or to collect license plate numbers for vehicles that can’t be observed from the road. We comply with FAA Drone operation guidelines.

Child Custody Investigation

Why Hire A Private Investigator for a Child Custody Investigation?

It is important to hire a Private Investigator for Child Custody Investigations so you can obtain evidence legally. If you are struggling to find evidence to support your request for child custody arrangements, you need a Private Investigator that will help you get the evidence you need. This can range from surveillance, comprehensive background investigations on individuals around your child while not in your care and trash inspections to search for illegal paraphernalia or signs of alcohol abuse. Every Child Custody Investigation we work is tailored to our Client’s specific needs. We obtain high quality photos and video, prepare professional reports for court and can testify in court if needed.

Who Might Need a Private Investigator for Child Custody Investigations?

  • Parents who believe the other parent is abusing their child while in their custody.
  • Parents who suspect drug activity at the other parent’s residence.
  • Concerned grandparents or family members.
  • Law Firms representing a client in a child custody matter.
  • Parents who want to check on their children’s activities.

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